Million Dollar Retargeting Campaign Explained In 2 Minutes: Stop Advertising To Tyre Kickers!

Jamie Cheng | Purple Thread Media Uncategorized

Million Dollar Retargeting Campaign - Purple Thread MediaGetting prospects to your site can be expensive.

Getting prospects to stick around is even harder.

Getting prospects to read your site, understand your value and buy from you – now that can seem impossible.

The beauty of remarketing/retargeting is that you can nudge the people most interested in your offer to remember you, trust you and then buy from you!

But how do you know who is most interested and only show ads to them?

Well, you test them. This allows you to focus and dedicate 80% of your marketing efforts to close the people that are dead serious for a fraction of the cost.

After all, not every single person that visits your site is worth spending your marketing budget on. The people that clicked on your site and left within 2 seconds probably aren’t that great to invest in.

There’s also no point in advertising to the bloody tyre kickers. Or even the people that clicked on your ad by mistake! That’s wasting your marketing budget and killing your ROI.

Here’s the deal.

Every sale occurs because someone wants what you have. They might not like you or your offer – but they want or actually need it.

You solve a problem for them.

So here’s the strategy.

How To Find Your Best Prospects And Retarget Only To Them

Like most great things – this strategy is simple.

While it might take a lot of work to implement and get humming. This type of campaign absolutely crushes the competition.

The strategy:

  1. Find the most common problem/universal pain that your prospects come to you for,
  2. Create a lengthy content piece that is 90% educational / 10% sales (3000-4000+ words),
  3. Add a retargeting pixel that let’s you target only people that truly consumed the content and demonstrated real interest, and
  4. Send relevant ads to these serious buyers for an enormous ROI.

Why Does This Strategy Work?

Only serious prospects are going to read an epic piece of content or watch an hour long video!

While you might say ‘That’s way too long, nobody reads all of that information!’ – well, it’s been working for 50+ years. But to persuade you.

Think about your absolute favourite book, tv series or movie.

Now imagine that is was condensed down to one minute worth of content. Would it still be your favourite?

If so, you my friend are a strange person.

For everyone else – we want more! We entered the world, got our imagination lit on fire and couldn’t stop appreciating what we experienced.

The problem with long form content is that you can get bored if the creator got sloppy with production. If the information is too formal or just plain boring, it doesn’t work no matter how long or short it is. It only takes a line or two to lose someone.

Do your prospects have a major problem that you solve? Is it a major decision that they spend hours researching? Book a strategy session to see if we can help you get a 500%+ ROI with this strategy.