Recommended Hosting: Speed Up Your Website And Increase Conversions

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Your web host makes a huge difference with how fast (and secure) your website is. If you are getting a decent amount of traffic, you should not be using cheap hosting.

For WordPress sites with high traffic, you cannot go wrong with WP Engine. (10,000+ visits / month)

  • WP Engine – Web hosting built for WordPress sites. Fast, scalable, secure and amazing support.

For ecommerce sites, Shopify is the best option we know.

  • Shopify – Everything you need to convert your visitors. Fast, scalable, secure and designed to convert.

For sites with lower traffic. Bluehost is our recommended provider but understand that it is much less secure than WP Engine.

  • Bluehost – Easy to upgrade, decent support and reliable.

Speed Up Website And Increase Conversions - Purple Thread - Recommended hosting to speed up your website and increase conversions

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