How To Get 100+ Google My Business Reviews

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how to get google my business reviews Getting customers to give you a positive Google review (4-5 stars) is tough.

I’ll bet you asked them – or even begged them for those shiny gold stars.

Especially if you know how important those reviews are for you to show up in Google without having to spend thousands of dollars each month on Adwords or SEO.

Sure your SEO is starting to kick in and you’re on page 2 now. But come on! We all know page 1 is where people look.

So how do you get those reviews?

How do you get those magical golden stars that will get you to show up at the top of the local search results, let you stand out from the other businesses in the area and get you a tonne more business?

Well here’s… [drum roll please]

The Easy Way To Get Google My Business Reviews!

Let’s face it…

Asking for reviews is easy.

Getting your customers to actually do those reviews is hard.


Well, this is why…


  1. Create a Google Account / Login to Google Account
  2. Go to Google Maps
  3. Search for the business on Google Maps
  4. Click on either ‘# reviews’ OR find the well hidden ‘WRITE A REVIEW’ text at the bottom
  5. Click the ‘WRITE A REVIEW’ button
  6. Then finally after you are angry about having to do all that crap… You don’t see any other reviews and have no idea what to write.

(For mobile, I believe it’s even more ridiculous and requires downloading Google Maps… I may be wrong.)

But yeah… That’s just great isn’t it…

Not exactly the best system to encourage high quality reviews.

It might not seem like much reading those steps to you and you’re thinking I’m whining… But seriously, it’s a pain and it’s the reason most businesses have ZERO reviews.

So – you need to make it simple. Dead simple.

By doing a little extra work beforehand and dishing out a few bucks. In no time, you’ll be getting a 10,000%+ return on your investment.

RULES before we get started:

  1. Don’t ask for a review after you’ve tripped over their beloved dog, broke an expensive looking statue (even though it had no arms in the first place) and then delivered a bad service.
  2. Don’t bribe people for reviews – apparently it’s even written in the Google rule book. Do incentives count? Apparently so…
  3. Don’t pay for fake reviews – you definitely don’t want 10-100 reviews popping up out of nowhere anyway. They look suspicious at best and scream fake to anyone that bothers to actually read them.

Here’s Google’s Review Policies if you want to read it. But with common sense this one below covers the essence of all the others…

Conflict of interest: Reviews are most valuable when they are honest and unbiased. If you own or work at a place, please don’t review your own business or employer. Don’t offer or accept money, products, or services to write reviews for a business or to write negative reviews about a competitor. If you’re a business owner, don’t set up review stations or kiosks at your place of business just to ask for reviews written at your place of business.

The ‘How-To’ Setup

The idea is simple.

Give a direct link to customers so they can leave an honest review in under 30 seconds.


Here’s the setup:

1. Find your business in Google search (NOT Google Maps) by typing your ‘Business Name Business Location’ into and make sure your details pop up on the right – Our example for this is ‘Zappos Henderson, NV’

Zappos google places - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

2. Then click on ‘# Google reviews’  OR if you have no reviews, the ‘Write a review’ button.

Zappos google reviews - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

3. Then go to the top of the browser and copy + paste the website url down for the next step. Our example one is,ssl&ei=5jdeVtemHcLNmwXl4YCIAw#btnG=1&gws_rd=cr,ssl&lrd=0x80c8d1d9b316f261:0x51aec6960060cabd,1

Copy your google review link - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

Obviously giving this link directly to a customer would be a major problem. Even in an email it is way too long and strange looking.

4. To create a shorter link. Login to your web hosting account (Bluehost, Host Gator etc.) and setup a permanent redirect for the link. This is typically found under ‘Domains’ – Just click ‘redirect’ from there and do this:

Add redirect

Permanent (301)

http://(www.)? / google

redirects to > [Your link from step three]

Setup a redirect for google reviews - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

That’s it!google reviews for mobile

That gives us a short and easy link that you can share with your customers.

Here’s the final result for our example –

Now this is a much easier link to remember, share without feeling weird and is definitely a whole lot easier to say to your customers. Plus it fits on the back of a business card and also works on smartphones!

By the way – DON’T LEAVE A REVIEW for Zappos! This is an example only. Only ever leave reviews for businesses that you have directly purchased from.

But When Do You Ask For A Review?

The easiest people to ask are the regulars that know, like and trust you.

Don’t have regulars that love you? I think we have a problem…

If you’re running a good business, you should have a process in place that creates an amazing experience for your customers. Something you see as ‘the standard’ should go beyond your customers expectations. The standard ain’t that high.

So when these people thank you and they feel indebted to you for doing such an amazing job. Just ask them for a review.

Ask them when they thank you.

You get emails thanking you right? So ask then.

Ask for reviews through email - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

You get phone calls thanking you right? So ask then.

Say ‘Thank you so much for the feedback. I’d really love it if you shared your appreciation publicly through a Google review, if you type in into your browser, it will take you right to the review page.’

You get hugs and kisses thanking you right? (Maybe not so much) But when you do, ask!

But seriously – After you’ve done a top job. Just give them a business card that saysUse business cards for google reviews - How To Get 100 Positive Reviews On Google Places

“Have feedback? Leave us an honest review on Google –

It’s quick, easy and let’s us help more customers like you!”

These people want to give back to you! And they have the best reviews.

They’ve been wowed.

Final Advice

Reviews aren’t a stagnant thing.

To remain relevant and seem like your business hasn’t gone under. You should aim for 2-5 reviews per month.

2-5 reviews is doable, hand that business card over with the link, sincerely ask and you’ll begin to see the benefits in no time – especially if you’re in a town where everyone has under five reviews and most businesses have zero.

It should actually take over two years to get your 100+ reviews if that’s your goal. By the way, you definitely won’t need 100+ reviews. Between me and you, that 100+ number is really to just get people to read this post. If you’re like most local businesses, 10-20+ honest and thoughtful positive reviews will put you at the top of the local search results and give you amazing results!


  • Don’t get a tonne of reviews all at once – aim for 2-5 per month
  • Don’t bribe to get reviews and definitely don’t get fake reviews
  • Give happy customers a simple redirected link to review you on Google
  • Reap rewards after 5-10 reviews and consistently get more reviews for maximum benefits

Ready to ramp up your online marketing? If your customers love you and you absolutely know you’ll be getting rave reviews on Google after implementing this post. Then book a free consultation to see if we can start getting you a 100-500%+ ROI on your online marketing.