Dodgy SEO Practices That Get You Penalised On Google

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Google Penalty - Purple Thread MediaHired someone cheap (<$800/month) to do your SEO (search engine optimisation)?

You’re likely in one of these three situations:

You’ve hired a rookie just getting started and keen to do good work – Likely outcome = Neutral to positive impact on your organic search rankings in Google

You’ve hired a dodgy SEO business – Likely outcome = Negative impact on your organic search rankings in Google over time and possible Google penalty

You’ve hired a scam company focused only on selling – Likely outcome = Nothing will happen to your organic search rankings in Google

This post will focus on the dodgy SEO company and the practices that might get you some results short term but will eventually end up hurting your site.

If you want to check up on the other two providers… The rookie and the scammer.

Do these two things:

These scam companies need MASS clients to stay in business and people generally catch on quick that they are being ripped off.

So you’ll find that there are plenty of complaints about them online. No matter how good their sales pitch is, trust the hundreds of people that have been scammed already and don’t even give them a chance – it’s not worth it.

How Dodgy SEO Companies Get You Penalised

Since Google has published some great videos on this topic, there’s no reason not to share them here.

Here are the dodgy SEO practices that can get your site penalised in the Google search results.

User-Generated Spam

Unnatural Links To Site – Impacts Links

Thin Content With Little Or No Added Value

Hidden Text And/Or Keyword Stuffing

Pure Spam

Potential Google Penalties

Algorithm penalties are ongoing. Fix them and your site should go back to normal rankings.

Manual penalties have time limits. So if you get caught doing something minor, you might get a penalty for 30 days. If on the other hand you’re doing something extremely dodgy – expect to disappear from Google search for 6+ painful months.

How much would that cost your business?

How To Think About SEO

Think of SEO as a long term investment.

While advertising through PPC (pay per click) can get you quality visitors that result in sales and calls for your business immediately – as soon as you stop spending, the sales and calls stop. SEO on the other hand has permanent traffic results when done right.

Especially if you are specifically creating quality content that is directly related to your best clients. While you might be spending money initially and getting minimal results, if you are producing high value content for your ideal prospects – you’ll soon get some small wins. Small wins that add up over time and eventually drive traffic to your site for free.

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