You Need To Be The Very Best Option For Your Customers

Jamie Cheng | Purple Thread Media Uncategorized

We can help our clients get results when:

  • They have a narrow focus,
  • Are the best option for their customers, and
  • Have customers that love them.

We look for companies that have made themselves the best and only option for their customers for a simple reason.

Only One Company Can Truly Dominate Online

While the offline world can have a few major players (>10% market share) competing with relative vigour in different markets.

Mercedes, BMW, Audi… Windows, Apple… Coca-Cola, Pepsi… Nike, Adidas… Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar… iPhone, Galaxy… Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

The online world is even more cut throat. The perception of the online masses makes or breaks companies. When you don’t make yourself the best option, you lose nearly all your customers.

The online world allows the best to absolutely dominate. Competition only helps the best providers online to stand out and get even more customers.

  • Facebook consumes lifetimes of hours, accounting for over 80% of peoples time on social networking sites.
  • Google wrecks face with over 80% of search engine market share in the major online spending countries.
  • Airbnb humiliates with over 90% of the bookings for the peer to peer property rental marketplace.

This doesn’t happen with only online software or marketplace focused businesses. This will be all businesses.

A $100M+ Company Selling Tweezers!

The online world highlights one company per category (or subcategory).

How many eyebrow tweezer companies do you think can be hugely profitable online?

Yes, eyebrow plucking tweezers!

What anyone can buy at their local pharmacy for a dollar or two and companies can buy in bulk for literally a few cents per piece.

Alibaba Tweezers

Online, people searching for ‘eyebrow tweezers’ in Google have about 690,000 search results show up…

That is a lot of options for tweezers.

If you searched for more than a minute or two, you quickly find one thing though.

The best eyebrow tweezers are sold by Tweezerman for $16-32! Tweezers that look very similar to the $US 0.03 per piece tweezers above…

Tweezerman Tweezers


So what makes Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer so special?

Is it the product? Copy? Website? Advertising? Guarantee?

It all helps.

But really. The key has been focus. They chose eyebrow tweezers and made themselves the best and only option for women that want a guaranteed exceptional experience.

There was no one online in the category that made themselves the absolute best. Tweezers before them were a commodity. Selling from 50 cents to a few dollars if at all.

Not to say there weren’t mainstream or premium options. There were and still are.

Mainstream multibillion dollar brand Maybelline sells the same product for US$3-6.

Maybelline Tweezers

While premium multibillion dollar brand Lancome sells theirs for US$32.

Lancome Tweezers

Only Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer is dominating online though. They’ve created the online market, and as the leader they’ve chosen to educate everyone on exactly why they are the best option with videos, strong guarantee, premium pricing and a focus on women through targeting professionals in the beauty industry that cater to celebrities.

The only downfall of Tweezerman’s is that they haven’t built more hundred million dollar companies around their other beauty tools with the same winning formula!

Sadly, with their tagline ‘The Beauty Tool Experts’, the next likely move for Tweezerman will be to hurt profitability by adding even more beauty products and maybe even targeting men…

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