Our Difference

Why Choose Purple Thread Media?

Transparency – You control and own your Adwords account. We only manage it, so you will know the exact costs associated with your Adwords spend and our management/optimisation. You keep control throughout and can see exactly how we manage your account.

No long term contract – We’ll give you a timeframe of expected results and an up front guarantee of what you can expect from us if you commit with a verbal agreement. If we aren’t meeting your standards or you want to try something new – we understand and you can cancel month to month. Our results are what keeps our clients with us for the long haul.

Professional management – People that understand long term profitability will manage your account. We don’t care about traffic that doesn’t result in sales, unsustainable shortcuts or hurting your ad quality score (increasing your Adwords costs) for short term gains. We want clients for life.

Best practices – Google Adwords is unforgiving if you don’t know what you are doing. We’ll use best practices to ensure you get at a minimum a 100-500%+ return on your Adwords investment. Read our Free Guide: Scientific Adwords here for an idea of how we operate.

We want a lifelong profitable relationship with our clients. That means helping you create a campaign that not only helps you online but really helps you create a highly profitable business for the long term.

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Purple Thread Media | Founder & Owner

Jamie Cheng

Who We Help

The online world is competitive. 100,000+ search results competitive.

While it’s possible to help any business get customers with online marketing, that just won’t work out well in the long run as costs go up and up.

To ensure we thrive with our clients, we choose clients with three qualities to make sure they can dominate online.

We can help our clients get results when:

  • They have a narrow focus,
  • Are the best option for their customers, and
  • Have customers that love them.
Problems We Solve
We solve the problem of ideal customers finding you online. Whether they are searching on Google or just want to get back to your site after they forgot your name.

We also know that a major problem is converting visitors into buyers since many websites are slow, unreliable and confusing. We make sure clients are set up with fast, persuasive and secure sites that their customers are happy to use.

Our clients in competitive industries also come to us when they need to grow their business and need immediate results through paid campaigns that deliver results.

Our Guarantee To Clients
We take pride in looking after our clients.

To ensure this we offer a risk free guarantee to clients and aim to work with clients where we can have a lifelong relationship. As online marketing experts, our clients are under our care and so we will always ensure our relationship is profitable and rewarding to both of us.

To ensure this we require three key factors:

  • Trust and ability to implement our online marketing expertise. We cannot guarantee your or your teams marketing strategies.
  • Established track record of being the best option for your profitable target customer. We cannot guarantee our work for businesses that want to chase anyone and everyone.
  • We believe in your product or service.
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