$100K/Month Facebook Campaign For ‘Face-to-Face’ Sellers

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seo jabberThis is the million dollar strategy for live sellers – not anyone else.

A campaign ideal for the people that can sell on stage, over the phone or in person. The beauty of this strategy is that it uses the strength of live presenters and gives them an extremely reliable stream of people that they can connect with, provide value, and then convert to customers they can help.

Not all of us thrive as live presenter type sellers though.

For those that don’t thrive as a live presenter, you can stop reading now. DON’T be sold on this strategy (unless you have the ability to get great live sellers to present for you).

Okay live presenters.

For those of you without a $10K/month+ ad budget, marketing teams and video sales letters closing leads on auto pilot for you already. You’ve probably seen or know that the cost of converting a prospect from a paid ad has become more expensive.

Even if the costs per click are going down, the cost per conversion is starting to get out of control, especially for more expensive offers.

That’s why this strategy is so powerful. With a strong presentation, your leads from paid traffic on Facebook can convert at 25%+ during a live webinar presentation.

Don’t take my word for it though. A couple years ago we interviewed an entrepreneur using this exact webinar strategy to sell a $997 product online.

You see, this is the strategy that John Lee Dumas of EOFire used and continues to use reliably to generate $50,000 – $200,000+ in a single month.

What’s he selling? Back when we originally interviewed him it was a $597 – $997 course/membership focused on teaching everyday people how to create, grow and monetise a podcast. A couple years later, while the course content has improved and community grown, the premise is the same BUT now the minimum price is $988 per year.

If you check John’s income reports you’ll see the course actually bringing in close to $400,000 in a single month. But please realise that emails, price rise announcements and temporary closures of the course lead to a lot of the spikes and this method is not magic all by itself.

How The Campaign Works

Relying on inbound marketing to generate sales can be extremely unreliable.

Guest blogging, podcasts, SEO, or free guides are all great for generating ‘free’ leads for your business. But relying on them to scale up your business and reliably know how much money you will generate next month… now that’s just not going to happen.

If you want a reliable stream of revenue, then online advertising is the way to go.

While selling someone through Facebook ads alone works great for many products and services.

Selling your $1,000+ product or service can be a bit trickier – without using webinars it can lead to a ridiculously expensive experience for you that’s not worthwhile or simply unprofitable. (There are some exceptions – selling something for over $10,000?).

Here’s the beauty of webinars (online seminars/online presentations) for live presenters.

You get a reliable stream of people to your presentation through Facebook advertising, you provide a ridiculous amount of value for people that attend, and you make sales.

Here’s the process:

  • Use eye catching Facebook ads to capture leads for your free value packed webinar,
  • Capture their email details and give webinar details through a thank you page,
  • Give a special offer (<$100) AND/OR give-away via landing page after they’ve signed up,
  • (Bought the <$100 offer? ‘Want this too’ value add offer for <$500)
  • Pre-webinar email sequence that provides value and encourages attendance,
  • Provide webinar with high-value content that you could charge $1,000 for by itself for free (90% value/10% sales)
  • Do two sales presentations during the webinar – a soft sale where you say you’ll get this if you sign up and then a more in-depth presentation to persuade even more people of the value,
  • Post webinar follow up email sequence appropriate to your presentation – free replay, paid replay, offer of free consultation, case studies/testimonials of results, low cost and/or high cost offer,
  • Retargeting campaign to convert people on the fence and get even more people for your next webinar.

Funnel In Action

Getting people to share both their funnel AND numbers publicly is pretty hard…

Unfortunately for that reason, the funnel I’m going to show you is OUTDATED and was actually quite average even at the time we talked with John. They weren’t even using sms reminders to get more people to attend the live webinar back then!

Since then John and his team have made major changes and improved their process significantly. They even made significant copy/landing page changes a few weeks after we interviewed John.

Here’s the insider look at John Lee Dumas’ webinar funnel in action from November 2013 to January 2nd, 2014:

1. Facebook Ads

Budget of around $100/day

Cost per sign up $4-8

We’ve been spending about $100/day on Facebook advertising, driving a very targeted audience to our Webinar signup page to register for the live Webinar. John has also tweaked the Webinar quite significantly since his first couple of go arounds.

2. Landing Page / Webinar Details

Landing Page December 2013:

December Landing Page

Landing Page February 2014:

February Landing Page

Landing Page March 2014:

March Landing Page

Landing Page January 2016:


Webinar Registration Page March 2014:

Congrats Register

Approx. 1,461 signups to attend the webinar (from November to January 2nd)

3. Pre-webinar Emails

Confirmation email.


Reminder to attend and info that there will be no replay.


4. Webinar Presentation

268 attendees (from November to January 2nd)

Podcast Workshop

Webinar overview:

18:16 Get To Know The Audience!

15 minutes before the official start time of the webinar, John is warming up and building a great connection with the audience by getting to know them.

34:03 Official Start: Story Of Why Podcasting

Why podcasting is exploding and exciting figures directly from iTunes to back him up.

57:25 Stack Of Value At The Beginning

How to start in podcasting.

1:12:21 Brief Look At What Podcasters Paradise Is

Really brief but related to the the learning beforehand.

1:14:06 First Q&A

Q&A to answer any questions that the audience has on podcasting.

1:24:15 John’s Podcasting Story And Explanation Of Podcasters Paradise Value

John’s story and why he is in podcasting. Also why he created Podcasters Paradise and the value.

1:33:48 Demo And Inside Look At Podcasters Paradise

An actual inside look at the Podcasters Paradise membership site and diving deep into the value.

1:40:42 Pitch Of His Product

Giving an irresistible offer to the audience including discount, bonuses and a chance to win if you buy right now on the call.

1:45:09 Second Q&A

Q&A to answer any more questions the audience has based on the demo and pitch.

2:03:00 Live Drawing Of Prizes

Drawing of prizes to reward a lucky few that purchased live on the webinar.

5. On-Boarding New Members To Course/Community

74 sales (from November 13th to January 2nd) of his course/community membership for $597-997.

The Results For John? $52,763 in sales for December 2013.


Understanding Your Optimisation Targets

Without understanding your numbers you can quickly lose your shirt. Especially if you have no idea where your system is failing. Here are the optimisation targets to give you a general idea of whether the math works out for you and your offer.

  • Facebook/Retargeting Ads cost per lead target: <$5
  • Landing Page conversion rate target: >25%
  • Webinar Attendance rate target: >25%
  • Webinar Presentation target conversion rate: >20%

So if we use John’s numbers from above we see a few areas of improvement immediately.

Facebook cost per lead of $4-8 is just too high. Especially for John since he had a decent fanbase on Facebook already. So the immediate goal for John for cost per lead would be in the $2-4 range and then getting that down further to $1-2.

The next problem we see is the webinar attendance rate. For John this is approximately 18%. Immediately the big improvement for John would be to increase the amount of emails sent out before the webinar and also send an sms message 5-10 minutes before the live webinar.

What saves John is the conversion rate of over 25%. John is a great webinar presenter and people love his presentations. This to me is still another area of improvement though. With such a low price point at the time <$1,000 and such a good presenter – the conversion rate seems low. One thing to test here would be paid replays or shortening the presentation so more people can stick around for the sales presentation/offer.

Taking It To The Next Level

While Facebook advertising to sell people through webinars is already an amazing next level strategy. Even for businesses that are already seven or eight figures just because it is such a reliable method to generate leads and convert sales.

After all how many other marketing strategies do you have that can reliably generate $50,000 – 200,000+ per month? It is definitely an area where you can stop and be happy with the results. Especially if you love doing the webinars yourself.

Obviously doing two to eight webinars per month can get a bit tedious though. Especially if what you are selling requires you to actually deliver a service or product yourself. Or even requires you to do a further consultation to get people to purchase an even more expensive package. That can be a lot of work.

So if you want to deliver a really high standard of service or product, you just won’t be able to scale up by doing more and more live webinars. So there are a few options.

Fair warning though, skipping to this step can lose you a whole lot of money. Webinars have a pretty steep learning curve to begin with. Creating something that you cannot learn from quickly and adapt… now that is just asking for trouble.

The most obvious is to hire others to do the webinar for you. That is probably the easiest evolution of taking this strategy to another level. Especially if you can hire two or three people.

What can work even better though is:

  • Video sales letter (a long form sales letter but presented through video),
  • Just in time webinar (pre-recorded webinar starting within an hour), and
  • Presentation video (pre-recorded video of you speaking into the camera making your pitch while educating).

What takes this to the next level is that you can have many different offers at various price ranges, all three of the methods integrated together and you can convert people within 48 hours on autopilot.

Like I said though. You cannot just skip to this step. Live webinars are definitely where you should start and master your message before a next level strategy like this. After all, you need to find what actually converts people along the way from Facebook ad to purchasing during a webinar.

Need some guidance on this strategy? Book a strategy session to see if we can help you get a 500%+ ROI with this strategy.