10 Proven Facebook Campaigns For Gyms, Studios and Personal Trainers

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The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Swipe File For Fitness Businesses

Don’t know where your next members will come from?

Constantly worried about member cancellations?

Don’t have a consistent way to generate high quality members that want the results you deliver?

The goal of this post is to give you proven campaigns that can reliably generate leads through paid Facebook ads. A process which will allow you to get high value clients that pay well and really appreciate the results you deliver.

Be cautious though, you generally cannot run these campaigns all year round. Some are only ideal to run one or two times a year even! So BEFORE you implement, make sure you understand the basic fundamentals of why the campaign works.

And by the way, these campaigns aren’t magic. The campaigns will get you leads. So, you will need to have a solid process in place to deliver value to these leads if you want them to convert to loyal members.

That means a solid application process, qualification phone call, demonstrating value during on-boarding (over the phone, webinar or in a transformation session) and of course, finding the pains that you are going to help solve for the client to get them to sign up to your business.

So without further ado… Here are the campaigns.

1. FREE Transformation Session – Ideal for small studios & personal trainers

The FREE Transformation Session strategy is genius because of the overwhelming value it provides without undervaluing you.

If anything, it increases your perceived value because you are acknowledging the financial value (Worth $99), limited space (looking for 5 more women) and confidently expressing the offer (apply to transform your body).

The backend is where the strategy shines through. You MUST qualify them with an application and then in the ‘FREE Transformation Session’ you provide MASSIVE value. The session isn’t a sales pitch and is 100% focused on helping the person, finding their pain and delivering a major win during the session.

Solve a major pain for them in this session and they are essentially closed. The only way you lose this sale is by not asking for the sale after the session or not qualifying them properly before they show up. These are your ideal members where lifetime values can be in excess of $2,000.

Here’s some examples:

How To Get Fit - Transofmration Session

Z1 Fitness - Transform SessionTF Performance

And an example application form:

Z1 Fitness - Transformation Session Application

2. Deep Discount Short Program Offer – Ideal when starting out, cold traffic or remarketing

The shorter low commitment program is great for getting people that are on the fence or skeptical. Think remarketing and cold audiences. Also great if you are just starting out and need to build up both your community and confidence.

You provide a tonne of value for the lucky people that sign up at the heavily discounted rate, you deliver results and discover/improve what works, and you get the confidence you need for the next program that you can make even better. To get the most out of this strategy, you need a few of these people to become loyal long term members and advocates.

The key to success with this strategy is that they need to apply and qualify for your program. Don’t just let anyone into the program. Make sure they are a good fit, committed to working out multiple times a week and committed to working with you to solve their problem.

Here’s some examples:

Body By Brad - 28 Day Challenge

Bodsquad Intro Offer - $297

Cincinati Fitness Boot Camp - 21 Day

Discovery Health - 28 Day Challenge

Jacksonville Fit Body Boot Camp - Intro 28 Day Offer

Mayham Fitness - 28 Day Intro Offer

Mesa Fit Body Boot Camp - 28 Day Sale

RC Fitness - Short Discounted Program

Stafford Fit Body Boot Camp - 28 Day Challenge

An application process could include:

  • How do you feel about your body now?
  • What would you expect to pay for a fitness program like the one we are offering? (Tip: Don’t accept people that undervalue the program. i.e. <$200)
  • Have you been involved in a similar program before?
  • What is your biggest problem right now?
  • How committed are you to fixing the problem and working with us?

Example Applications:

Application Form - Small Group Trainin_ - https___fergusfit.wufoo.com_forms_

1 Month 97 Application

3. Grand Prize + Everyone Wins Contest – Ideal for premium gyms and studios

This strategy brings in more leads than any other campaign.

So if you are a solo fitness entrepreneur, this strategy isn’t for you. And if you are a gym hoping to rely on this strategy alone, realise that this should be run only ONE or TWO times a year at most.

Here’s the breakdown, the prize needs to have high perceived value and viral worthy. This strategy works best for premium gyms (lifetime client value of over $2,000) but you shouldn’t expect the conversion rate to be high in the short term. You will get more members AFTER a few months of remarketing other offers.

An example of a good grand prize is ‘3 Month FULL Access Membership + 10 Personal Training Sessions’. Avoid just giving away ’18 Months Free Membership’, you want the winner to get massive results and be your biggest fan during and after their membership with you.

Where you get members for your gym is in the ‘everyone wins’ section of this strategy. Instead of having just one grand prize, you need a secondary prize for everyone that enters – ’10 Day FREE Pass’, ‘7 Day Unlimited Access’ etc. This is your hook for getting people on the phone, through the door and signing up for membership at your facilities.

Here’s an example:

Hard Candy

After people click on the ad and enter, they get the option to get more chances to win. This leads to a viral component where you get even more interested people for free!

Hard Candy Referral

4. Win With A Friend + Everyone Wins Contest – Ideal for group fitness gyms, studios and boot camps

Similar to the ‘Grand Prize + Everyone Wins Contest’, this strategy brings in a tonne of leads and isn’t for the solo fitness entrepreneur.

While this strategy can be run more than a few times a year, it isn’t recommended. This is a fun offer and should remain fun. So you don’t want to be running it permanently because people will just be blind to the offer and stop seeing it as a great opportunity to get results with a friend.

While the join with a friend should generally always be part of a gym, studio, and bootcamp marketing campaign. You generally want to ask for the ‘come with a friend’ on the ‘Thank You’ page or over the phone. This campaign flips the script and understands that most people that join with a friend come to the gym more often, get better results and last longer than your typical gym member.

Here’s an example:

F45 Training Phillip - Friend Contest

This particular example uses a Facebook lead ad to capture details all within Facebook.

F45 Training Phillip - Friend Contest Form

5. Come In And Give Us A Try / 2 Week Free Trial / 10-Day Pass – Ideal for new/unique offers and local awareness

The main problem with ‘Trial’ and ‘Free’ campaigns is too many leads or no leads.

The no leads part is rare but is usually a local reputation problem. Most often caused by bombarding everyone with constant promotions – ‘Friday Flash Sale’, ’80% OFF’, ’10 Days For $10’, ’30 Days FREE’. If that’s the case, you’ll generally want to stay away from this campaign.

The more common problem with this campaign is too many leads for first time Facebook advertisers to handle.

You NEED systems in place to handle the leads. Could you handle 20-40 leads in a day? Do you have the team in place to make all the calls? Can you handle 80 booked appointments people?

With all these leads, you need a solid process to make sure every single lead is called, emailed and then reminded of their booked appointment. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you have over a hundred leads, that quickly adds up to a lot of work. A text message or email is an easy way to deal with this influx but if you want to max out your show ups, you need to call at a minimum to make this campaign worthwhile.

Make sure you have these three points of contacts with leads to maximise your lead to member conversions. The phone call to welcome them and get them booked in for onboarding, follow-up emails to keep people engaged and a text message reminder to make sure they actually show up for their booked appointment.

And while your business can handle hundreds or even a thousand plus members because of the nature of your facilities. You might not be ready to onboard this many people at once. This is where problems can happen because the close is done when they show up and go through a valuable on-boarding process with you.

Depending on your city, this can easily be over 100 leads per month. And if your offer is seen as special/new, you can expect upwards of 200 leads per month.

Here are some examples:

Aura Fitness - 7 Day Pass

Buckhead Fight Club - Free Trial

CrossFit Garland - FREE Pass


Dailey Method - FREE Trial ClassesJabz Glendale - Free Week

SICFIT - Free Trial

6. 4-Week Body Transformation Competition – Ideal for studios and personal trainers just starting out

This is a strategy from Darren Bruce on how to market without selling hard.

It’s very smart and similar to a ‘Deep Discount Short Program Offer’.

So, this strategy would probably be best for studios and personal trainers just getting started off in the industry. As it is a great way to build up confidence when working with fitness members and also build up a community. The loyal members you get here are the foundation of your business success – So choose your clients wisely!


Summary of Darren’s advice:

Offer – ‘4 Week Body Transformation, 6 people get it for free!’,

Advertised and got 100+ leads,

Called all the people and qualified them,

Decided on the six winners who would value the service the most and commit to getting results,

Called up unsuccessful leads that were a good fit but not the winners and offered a deep discount of $97 for 4 weeks.

Outcome = <$100 spend in advertising for $10,000+ in lifetime member revenue.

Here’s some examples:

Body Squad - Six Week FREE - Darren Bruce Strat

EFF - Competition Boot Camp

Note: Avoid ‘First 10 people to comment’ type offers. You want quality people to be joining the program that are committed to getting results. Having a bunch of no shows isn’t good for anyone. And is the difference between a highly profitable campaign with high lifetime members and a very frustrating client base that doesn’t appreciate you.

7. HUGE OPPORTUNITY / # Week Transformation / # Day Challenge – Ideal for studios and personal trainers

This is your high-end offer. Similar to the ‘FREE Transformation Session’ campaign where you can charge $100-300+ per week.

It’s your inspiration/motivation ad focused on delivering results. Limited space, get these results, specifically made for X, must be serious. While similar to the other transformation/short programs, this is for those people that are 100% committed. They are ready for change.

While it can be tempting to let anyone willing to pay thousands of dollars to join. Stick to your guns and qualify hard. Anyone not 100% committed should not be accepted into this program. For this campaign to work best, you are choosing one target market and focusing on delivering maximum results.

Bikini Bod, Sexy Mum, Get Shredded, Fitness Model Challenge, Look Like A Boss…

No matter who it is for, this is the profit centre for studio and personal trainer businesses. This is where you can make the biggest impact on peoples lives and really show off you and your teams ability to deliver results. Accordingly by choosing a single target, you need to adapt your message to suit them and only them for best results.

Make sure you don’t let just anyone into the program if it’s not a good fit! Think long term and either refer these people to other trainers or offer them a different service.

Here are some examples:

Evolve Berwick - Transformation

60DT - 60 Day Transformation

Bikini Body Challenge

Peak Development Fitness - 12 Week Transformation

Fergus Fit - 8 Week Challenge

Body Squad - 60 Day Transformation

925 Training - Deep Discount

Power Girl Fitness - 12 Week Model

12 Weeks To ShreddedEmpower Body Mind - 77 Day Winter Challenge

Example application pages:

Application Form - 8 Week Transformati_ - https___fergusfit.wufoo.com_forms_

12 Week Fitness Model Challe_ - http___www.12weekfitnessmodelchallenge.com.au_

8. # Day Online Challenge – Ideal as intro offer for online programs / remarketing online leads

Similar to your ‘Deep Discount Short Program’, this version is online.

You still need a solid process in place to convert people from lead to member but at a much larger scale than in person.

The challenge with this strategy is the price point. The price is so low that making it work is very difficult. Everything needs to be implemented really well so that you can scale without problems and also be able to transition these low paying clients (<$50 per month) to your higher end online program (>$150 per month) or even a high end in person event or program.

If you are just starting out with an online program, you shouldn’t even think about touching this campaign and first try selling a $1,000+ online transformation program. That campaign is much easier to make profitable without so much selling or up sells.

Here’s some examples:

Club Fuse - 21 Day Fitness ONLINE

Results Based Training - 28 Day Challenge ONLINE

9. Online Body Transformation / Accountability Groups – Ideal for $1,000+ online transformation programs

The online transformation campaign is great.

You can sell it before you create it, create it one week at a time and get real time feedback from members on what’s working and not working, and you can scale it to help so many people. The problem with these online programs though is that you need to select a specific target client.

40 inch vertical leap… Look BOSS in a suit… Have a healthy baby…

Choosing one and learning how to speak only to them can be tough. Especially if you’ve just helped everyone in the past.

The most common target for these online programs is busy mothers. Busy mums are generally 25-45, want to lose a whole lot of weight, don’t know much about fitness and are keen to get great results. So you need to understand that as a busy mum, they don’t have a lot of time, they are stressed with work/family balance and usually feel guilty when they have any time to themselves.

That’s why online programs appeal especially to them. They can do the program without leaving the family to fend for themselves and they can do it in their free time.

Just a heads up, if you want your clients to get massive results and know your program works when followed. You need a price point of at least $1,000. Less than that and it’s hard to get people committed to actually going through the program to get results. Just realise your competitors are charging up to $5,000 for their programs AND have a monthly fee after the transformation program ends.

Not confident in charging that? Then start with a lower price but acknowledge the price will increase and build out the program with these people that take a chance with you. You will make mistakes, but these loyal members won’t care because you are providing so much value. Build it out week by week and give an amazing experience. Created a workout that didn’t work for them? Re-record something new in its place. Are they struggling with mindset? Record some content around mindset for the beginning of the course. The key is just to start and create.

Here’s some examples:

Amy Haas - Online Fitness Program

Club Fuse - 12 Week Challenge

Hodgson Fitness - Transformation ONLINE Program

Hodgson Training - Online Fitness

10. Life Transformation Getaway / Fitness Transformation Retreat / Luxury Fitness Retreat – Ideal for personal trainers and retreat owners

This is a fun campaign.

You change people’s lives forever, help them build healthy habits and give them a new perspective and energy that a local program will never be able to deliver.

For a lot of fitness professionals, you don’t really experience the despair sitting under a fluorescent light day in and day out wondering if this is your life for the rest of time. While you’re hustling before the sun comes up, to after it’s gone down, your typical client for a luxury fitness retreat is dying for something to spice up their life and are willing to pay what you may think is a ridiculous price for a short retreat.

Simple things like just being away from everyday routine will help people tremendously to see the world in a new way, actually absorb the information that you’ve been telling them for months and get reinvigorated with energy. This is where fitness getaways provide amazing value for people and give life changing results.

‘Fresh start fitness bootcamp’, ‘Mind body transformation’, ‘Weight loss retreat’

While established names are charging upwards of $15,000 for a 7-day private luxury fitness retreat that promises life changing results. You probably aren’t there yet, especially for your first retreat. The fact is though that these programs are so transformational and appealing that you can charge in the $2,000-5,000 range without price shock.

Let your personality/wisdom come through. Love abseiling? Cannot live without meditation? Live in nature? Hardcore survivalist?

Don’t worry about creating something for everyone, create something you love first and then think about who’s going to be crazy enough to come on this life changing adventure with you. By the way, make sure you give yourself and others lot’s of free time. They don’t want to see you 24/7.

Here’s some examples:

Amies Elite Bomb Shells - Competition

Fitness4All - Luxury Retreat

Fresh Start Thailand - Fitness Retreat

Human Mechanics - Luxury Fitness Retreat

RBT - Fitness Retreat Prize

Refresh Fitness Retreats - Luxury Retreat

Renegage FX - Luxury Retreat

Renew Health Retreat - Luxury Retreat

Now that you’ve seen all these campaigns. Go test ONE! 

Implement, make mistakes, get frustrated, figure it out and succeed. These are all killer campaigns for fitness businesses. These are campaigns that can help you go from no profit at all to well over five figures a month. Even without an advertising budget, you can get started with some of the above campaigns by just reaching your immediate network on Facebook. Get creative, have a solid plan to convert leads and change peoples lives through fitness.